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Masao Murata

About the Author
Masao Murata was born in 1906 in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. While serving as president of a small electric company he spent his spare hours in support of the world peace prayer movement founded by his mentor and close associate, Masahisa Goi.

According to Masahisa Goi, "One of the wonderful things about Mr. Murata is that, despite his many mystical qualities, he never lets any trace of the mystical show through in his bearing and personality. At all times he is never anything but a delightfully natural, usual person."

Angels of the Cosmos is the first of his books to be published in English. His other works include Communications with the Spiritual World (Vol. I - IV), Children Who Went to the Spiritual World (Vol. I & II), Tales of Seven Hermits, and Cosmic Humanity and the Future of Earth.


Angels of the Cosmos
  Anjos do Cosmos (português)
  Communications with the Spiritual World, Book One
  Children Who Went to the Spiritual World, Book One

Books in Japanese by Masao Murata
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