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Children Who Went to the Spiritual World, Book One
Masao Murata
US $11.99 Paperback, $7.99 E-book
Paperback, 166 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7246-6770-0

The four chapters of Children Who Went to the Spiritual World tell the stories of four unique souls whose physical lifetimes on earth ended at a very young age. Masao Murata ascertained these stories after receiving letters from parents asking why their children had lived such brief lives. In recounting these stories, Mr. Murata discusses past lifetimes as well as present, and spiritual existence as well as physical. He regards earthly human life from the broad and lofty perspective of our long-term spiritual development and evolution, always with an eye to the world peace prayer movement founded by his mentor, Masahisa Goi.

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Other Editions
Japanese (Reikai ni itta kodomotachi 1)



The Angel and the Mystery of the Red Tulip: Akira Uno’s Story

The Baby with a Rescue Mission: Yoshiyuki Naito’s Story

The Boy Devoted to Linking Souls: Kunio Niki’s Story

The Youth in the Ski Bus Accident: Yusuke Izumi’s Story


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About the Author

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from 'The Angel and the Mystery of the Red Tulip'

About the author

Masao Murata
Masao Murata was born in 1906 in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. While serving as president of a small electric company he spent his spare hours in support of the world peace prayer movement founded by his mentor and close associate, Masahisa Goi.
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from the Preface
by Masao Murata

The phenomena that appear in this present world and those that take place in the spiritual world (the world after death) are both part of the same great flow of life. This great flow does not stop for even a moment, extending from the infinite past eternally into the future. In this flow, we human beings engage in an infinite process of evolution and self-improvement. Within this great life, our own lifetime on earth is like a single wave in the vast ocean. And yet, when we come into possession of a physical body here on earth, we get caught up in this fleeting manifestation—which appears and then fades away—rather than thinking of our eternal life. This is our great flaw as physical human beings, and it is a difficult one to overcome.

The chapters of this book are responses to letters that I received, with each telling the story of one soul as it is born into this earthly world, fulfills its role here, and then returns to the spiritual world.

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