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Last update : 2021-12-02

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Ewoluujmy wspólnie ze Wszechświatem
Masami Saionji
ISBN: 978-1-4825-9433-1
Polish edition of Masami Saionji's book Evolving with the Universe.
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נפלאות החשיבה החיובית (Niflaot hahashiva hahyuvit)
תרגילים בחשיבה חיובית (Targilim behashiva hyuvit)
Masami Saionji
ISBN: 978-0-557-24097-5
Hebrew edition of Masami Saionji's popular workbook, Think Something Wonderful.
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คามิกับมนุษย์ (Kaa mí gàp má-nóot)
Masahisa Goi
ISBN: 978-4-89214-193-5
Thai edition of Masahisa Goi's fundamental work, God and Man.
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呼吸法によるプラス思考のトレーニング・ブック (Kokyuho ni yoru plus shiko no training book)
西園寺昌美 (Masami Saionji)
ISBN: 1-4196-3077-6
Japanese version of Masami Saionji's popular workbook Think Something Wonderful.
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