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Communications with the Spiritual World, Book One
The Woman Who Was Guided by the Angel
Masao Murata
US $11.99 Paperback, $7.99 E-book
Paperback, 260 pages
ISBN: 978-1-48105432-4

In Book One of his series Communications with the Spiritual World, Masao Murata conveys the contents of 'dialogues' he held with Ms. Yuu Shimada, his colleague in the world peace prayer movement, after she passed on to the spiritual world in 1961.

In the world beyond her physical 'death,' Ms. Shimada is guided by her guardian angel, who helps her discover the nature of life in the spiritual world and the connection between our physical lifetime on earth and the eternal life of our soul. Her journey brings her to many realms, where she learns the true power of our thoughts, words, and actions, and the immeasurable value of sending waves of love and light to all humanity.

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Japanese (Watashi no reikai tsûshin, dai ikkan)



Part I: Death Calls

1. Separating from the Physical Body
2. My House in the Spiritual World

Part II: Looking Down at My Shell

Part III: Farewell to this Lifetime

1. The Time Draws Near
2. My Funeral

Part IV: Laws of the Spiritual World
1. The World of the Guardian Spirits
2. Axioms of the Spiritual World
3. The Crematorium
4. Tôitsu and Prayer
5. The School in the Spiritual World
6. The Great River
7. Amitabha's Prayer Boat

Part V: Shôtenmon
1. Shôtenmon
2. Shôshinkyô
3. The Story of the Village Elder

About the Author

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About the author

Masao Murata
Masao Murata was born in 1906 in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. While serving as president of a small electric company he spent his spare hours in support of the world peace prayer movement founded by his mentor and close associate, Masahisa Goi.
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from the Preface
by Masahisa Goi

In this book, Mr. Murata communicates with his late friend, Ms. Yuu Shimada, visiting her in the spiritual world and conveying to us a variety of messages from that realm. His hope is to release people, even a little, from their fear of death by informing them about the world after death. In that sense, it is a very valuable book.

We human beings are not just creatures with a physical body. Our physical body is nothing more than a piece of clothing that we wear for a certain period of time. Just as we change our clothes when they become dirty or torn, we must also shed our physical body. At that time, our true self continues to live in the spiritual or subconscious body. For those who know the truth of human life, there is no such thing as death. There is only the infinite creativity of eternal life. Mr. Murata’s book depicts this truth like a picture scroll being unfurled. I recommend this book as required reading for anyone who is seeking truth.

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