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I Heard It Like This
The Wisdom of Masahisa Goi
compiled by Hideo Takahashi
US $10.00 Paperback; $6.99 E-book
Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN: 4-89214-164-X
Providing inspiration to countless people around the world, Masahisa Goi was a spiritual philosopher and the founder of a world peace prayer movement centered on the words 'May Peace Prevail on Earth.' Hideo Takahashi, also a writer and poet, has compiled this collection of his mentor's words, just as he heard them spoken during his long association with Mr. Goi. When you feel in need of guidance and inspiration, open this book to any page and read a few lines. The words you find there will fill your heart with light, helping you live with courage, happiness, and peace.

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About the author

Hideo Takahashi
Hideo Takahashi was born in Tokyo and currently lives in Ichikawa City, Japan. For more than thirty years, he served as chief editor and assistant to the Japanese philosopher and peace visionary, Masahisa Goi.
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from the Preface
by Hideo Takahashi
The phrases in this book were spoken by Masahisa Goi (whom we usually call ‘Goi Sensei’) in casual moments, as we walked together near our office, or stood on a platform waiting for a train, or chatted during breaks in our publication room.

Even now, whenever I reread them, my heart is illuminated by the marvelous wisdom of Goi Sensei’s words, which are truly light itself. Perhaps this I why I decided not to try to edit them, or produce a highly polished volume. Instead, I wanted to offer his words to you just as I heard them, believing that whichever page you turn to in the book, you will find gems worth treasuring.

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