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Selection - The Golden Key to Happiness

Chapter 2: Your Thoughts Create Your Life
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Determine in your heart what you wish to do, and advance straight toward your goal. Never let your heart stray from the goal that you genuinely want to reach. It’s important to draw into your heart the goal you wish to achieve and keep it there for a long time. When the right time comes, that goal will definitely be fulfilled. Until one goal is achieved, don’t think of unnecessary things. Don’t let your heart wander elsewhere. Don’t let others’ opinions sway you. Concentrate on one goal with all your heart.

What you think about day and night forms your character and personality. When walking on the street, we sometimes encounter a person of striking spiritual beauty. It’s as if the noble thoughts they think every day are spontaneously conveyed to us. The way you think determines exactly what you become.

It is your own attitude, or your own way of looking at things, that makes things worse or makes them appear worse. If you don’t acknowledge the bad side of things, bad things don’t even exist. Only divinity exists.

It’s important to handle negative emotions within you as much as possible, trying not to express them. By negative emotions, I mean, for example, statements like ‘No good,’ ‘Can’t do it,’ ‘No!’ ‘Miserable,’ ‘Stupid,’ ‘Don’t like,’ ‘Want to die,’ and so forth. If these thoughts and emotions sneak into your mind and heart, try immediately to process them within you so that they can vanish before you express them in word and attitude. Try always to harbor positive emotions: ‘I can certainly do it;’ ‘I like everyone;’ ‘I will be useful to others;’ ‘Everything will certainly improve;’ ‘It’s all right;’ ‘I can overcome it;’ ‘I will never run away no matter what;’ ‘I will confront the situation.’ If you keep having these positive thoughts all the time, miraculously you will naturally be able to do as your thoughts predicted.

‘The glass is half empty’ and ‘The glass is half full.’
‘I’m so old that I can’t even do that kind of thing’ and ‘I’m not so old that I can’t do that.’
‘These are the last days of my remaining life’ and ‘Today is the first day of my remaining life.’
‘There’s no tomorrow’ and ‘There’s always tomorrow.’
‘I have only ten years left in my life’ and ‘I have as many as ten years ahead of me.’
‘My legs don’t move’ and ‘I can still use my hands.’
These two ways of expression refer to the same situations, yet they divide the world into light and dark, plus and minus, positive and negative.

Which way are you thinking every day? If your thinking is all dark and negative, your days must be melancholy and suffocating and your life hopeless. Change your way of thinking right away. Direct your thinking toward the positive way of life, toward the plus energy; then your life will definitely go upward.

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