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Preview - Angels of the Cosmos

from Chapter 1: Boarding the Space Vessel
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At Holy Hill
The ninth of June, 1959, was a hot and humid day, quite typical of the rainy season. For the past two years a group of us had been getting together five times each month to pray for world peace at Holy Hill. On that day, seven of us were praying in a group. No sooner had the second stanza of the prayer been intoned by Mr. Saito(1) than I went into a very deep meditation.
For me(2), meditation starts when my consciousness leaves my physical body. This happens quite easily and naturally. It starts with that feeling we all have when we resist sleepiness. We resist only to find that when we relax ever so slightly, we drift into sleep. This is how I feel as my consciousness drifts away from my physical body. The state of separation varies from one occasion to the next and I never have exactly the same experience twice, since my inner state and the external conditions are never the same at any given moment. In addition, it is never a state of complete separation.
On that day, I was feeling quite good and went into a deep meditation instantaneously. Soon a clear yellow light began to shine in front of my eyes. The light began to grow larger and larger, and the area that I was looking at became the center of it. The ‘I’ that had separated from my physical body was absorbed into the center of the light and was lifted upward. As I ascended, the yellow color of the light became paler and paler, finally becoming a white light that was slightly tinged with yellow. I felt that I was flying far, far into the distance. On that day I had become almost totally separated from my physical body.
Since a person’s physical and subconscious selves are linked by a spiritual thread, this enables one to return to one’s physical body within an instant. It sometimes happens, though, that one is totally unaware of what is happening around oneself while one is soaring at a distance from one’s physical body. For want of a better term, I am temporarily calling that condition a ‘deep meditation.’
I was soaring at tremendous speed. It was a bright world of sheer white-yellow light. There was not a single object to be seen. Inside that vast space of white-yellow, I was flying like a shooting-star. The speed and thrill of it were beyond description and captured all my attention. In my spiritual body I could discern the spiritual vibrations that were incessantly coursing through the vastness of space. They resembled electromagnetic waves and I could sense differences in their strength and subtlety.
All of a sudden I plunged into a mass of white clouds.
There, a scene unfolded before my eyes. I was in the garden outside the prayer hall at Holy Hill where we were now praying. In the scene that was projected, I was standing alone by a flower bed in the garden. None of the others were anywhere near me. The early summer sky was pure and transparent, without a cloud in sight. It was such a deep blue sky that it seemed to have endless depths.

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