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God and Man
Guideposts for Spiritual Peace and Awakening
Masahisa Goi
US $10.00 Paperback, $7.99 E-book
Paperback, 196 pages
ISBN: 4-89214-147-X
Revealing our true connection with God and our guardian divinities and spirits, God and Man provides a clear picture of the spiritual dimensions of the universe and tells how we may transcend karmic cycles to attain our natural state of infinite love, wisdom, and joy. Contains an invaluable appendix of the author's answers to students' questions, and a supplementary article by Masahisa Goi entitled "Prayer for World Peace."

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Other Editions
French (Dieu et l'être human)
German (Gott und Mensch)
Italian (Dio e l'Essere Umano)
Japanese (Kami to ningen)
Portuguese (Deus e o Homem)
Spanish (Dios y el Ser Humano)
Thai (Kaa mí gàp má-nóot)


Chapter 1
For the Future of Humanity

Chapter 2
The Relationship Between God and Human Beings

Chapter 3
Real World, Spiritual World, Subconscious and Physical Worlds

Chapter 4
Guardian Divinities and Guardian Spirits

Chapter 5
How to Overcome Karma

Chapter 6
True Religions and Mistaken Religions

Chapter 7
My Method of Prayer

Chapter 8

Questions and Answers

Prayer for World Peace

Read a Selection

Prayer for World Peace

About the author

Masahisa Goi
Born in Tokyo, Japan on November 22, 1916, Masahisa Goi was a poet, philosopher, writer and singer. Though he aimed at a career in music, he found himself spontaneously drawn to the realms of philosophy and spiritual guidance. At the age of thirty he attained oneness with his divine Self. Before departing from this world in 1980, he named Mrs. Masami Saionji, his adopted daughter, as his successor and leader of the world peace prayer movement that he initiated.
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from Chapter 1
Why is it that today’s lifestyle, with gas, electricity, running water, trains, cars and airplanes, where people can attain almost anything they wish for with the power of money, leaves them just as mentally insecure as they were in non-civilized times? It is because in the present age, as in ancient times, people’s lifestyles do not rest on a firm foundation.

People feel vulnerable, threatened by crisis situations that could bring destruction in a moment, even tomorrow. No matter how much the superficial standard of living might improve, unless we resolve such problems as warfare, natural disasters, the suffering of illness, the inequalities of life—and the most fundamental one, which is the fear of the death of the physical body—humanity will not find happiness.

Will it ever be possible to extinguish such miseries as warfare, natural disasters, the pain of illness and the agony of death? To this I reply Yes, it is possible.

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