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Selection - The Future of Mankind

All Things Are Advancing Toward Great Harmony
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The World of the Survival of the Fittest
Among every living thing in this world, the strong live by suppressing the weak. In other words, it is a world of the survival of the fittest.
However, even within the human world, not only for individuals, nations and races but for almost every aspect of the mundane world, the level of a particular position is determined by monetary power, military force, intelligence and the like.
We often come across such comments as, “He is so much less intelligent than I am but has reached such an excellent position.” Generally speaking, we can say that some differences in talent caused this disparity in position. However, more than simply being differences in educational background, there must have been differences within their powers of human nature on the whole.
In mentioning powers, we do not mean powers which appear in figures alone. The magnetism of one’s character as well as the charm of a nation or race is one form of the powers possessed by man. These powers also become forces which elevate the position and authority of people or organizations.
Regardless of the fact that employment at some company or public office commenced in the same year, there are times when a promotion is granted to one’s colleague regardless of the fact that the other had done his utmost best. The neglected turns remorse for he feels that he excells his colleague in every way. There was none the less, some kind of power gap evident here. Whether the promotion was due to the fact that his colleague was good at coaxing his superiors, the ability he possessed of being able to play up to his superiors manifested as his power.
In dealing with international issues, it is clear that the United States and the Soviet Union enjoy a higher international position than that held by Japan at present. What then are the powers which have caused this disparity in position? It goes without saying that they are the powers of money and the powers of science; the powers of science which was born out of this monetary power, and the powers of military force which was strengthened by the powers of science.
If things are to continue the way they are, it seems that the disparity between the international position of Japan and that of Russo-America will show no great contrast from that of the present situation till the end. It seems that in order to maintain the balance between the powers of Japan with that of Russo America, her powers of military force must be strengthened by increasing her powers of money and science.
Let us leave aside the question of whether the balancing of power through military force is right or wrong and ask whether Japan can ever maintain a balance of power between the United States and the Soviet Union through the use of military force. We can say that, no matter how many years pass by, it seems improbable that such a balance of military power can be maintained by the Japanese in the near future. If this is the case, Japanese with prudent minds cannot help but grieve over the fact that Japan will have to subsist forever as a second rate nation.
The animal instinct of survival continues to cause friction on a daily basis between the two superpowers (the United States and the Soviet Union) and smaller countries whether they like it or not. The situation is one in which we cannot possibly tell when the resentment held back by the smaller countries will explode. The outburst of resentment by the smaller countries could possibly undermine the emotions of either one of the superpowers leading to the final destructive world war.
Japan, in this sense, has a very favorable stance as she is maintaining relations with these super powers. However, if she clings to her easy-going self-protectionist sentiments, she will be caught in between the emotional entanglement of the two powerful countries and the resentment of the smaller countries. Her homeland, she was able to reconstruct on a full-scale basis for a while after World War II, may possibly be completely annihilated in the case of another war.

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