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The Future of Mankind
Masahisa Goi
JPY ¥1575
Paperback, 197 pages
ISBN: 4-89214-075-9
The imbalance between the forward march of science and the undeveloped spirituality of humanity has thrown the world into confusion. This book probes the root of that confusion and shines a ray of light into our future.
Translated by Fumi Johns.

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Japanese (Jinrui no mirai)


The Future of World Mankind

Present Day and Miracles

From a Material Civilization to a Spiritual Culture

Cosmic Beings and Earthly Beings

To Construct a New World

Cosmic Beings and the Prayer for World Peace

On the Essence of Life

The Education of Life

All Things are Advancing toward Great Harmony

Esoteric Matters

Malevolence, Virtue and the Universal Mind

Prayer and the Powers of Mind Control

Don't Be Puzzled by Predictions

The Origin of the Birth of World Peace

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All Things Are Advancing Toward Great Harmony

About the author

Masahisa Goi
Born in Tokyo, Japan on November 22, 1916, Masahisa Goi was a poet, philosopher, writer and singer. Though he aimed at a career in music, he found himself spontaneously drawn to the realms of philosophy and spiritual guidance. At the age of thirty he attained oneness with his divine Self. Before departing from this world in 1980, he named Mrs. Masami Saionji, his adopted daughter, as his successor and leader of the world peace prayer movement that he initiated.
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from the Preface
by Masahisa Goi
Everyone longs for individual tranquility and seeks to find peace for his country and mankind. Realistically speaking, however, our world is becoming extremely difficult for mankind to live in.

This book continues to explain and point out the path which mankind should follow, using simple words such as harmony and peace. No matter how well one understands theories in one's head, he will not become a great man, nor will mankind advance further. Mankind will proceed to reach the mind of God through performing the personal acts of harmony in one's everyday life, and by continuing to vibrate the mind of peace. This book uses the Prayer for World Peace as its focus in explaining these phenomena.

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