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Selection - Infinite Happiness

Chapter 7: Listen to Your Healthy Heart
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Truly healthy people do not think about illness. Because they are healthy, they feel no anxiety over illness at all. They do their utmost throughout the day, and enthusiastically look forward to the work they will accomplish the next day. Without even thinking about it, they have confidence in their health.
If someone close to them becomes ill, they feel deep compassion for the person and try to help in any way they can. Yet they are able to think of that illness as being entirely unrelated to themselves. The thought that they themselves might become ill never crosses their mind. Even if they come in contact with people in the final stages of disease, their minds are never swayed by anxiety or fear. It is as if there is an invisible wall standing between them and illness.
Though illness is coursing through this world, if you are truly healthy you will never be influenced by those unhealthy vibrations. You will always see illness as something on the other side of the wall, unrelated to yourself.
Why do so many people take a strong interest in illness?It is because they have lost confidence in their own perfect health. Once you allow anxiety over illness to penetrate your heart, attaching yourself to the thought of illness, it means that you are losing faith in your health. People who think of themselves as healthy never fear illness—this is precisely why they stay in good health.
The moment you begin to worry about illness, your health begins to deteriorate. The fact that you are absorbed in building defences against illness proves that uneasiness and fear have crept into your mind. Truly healthy people have no fear of illness at all. Though today’s society is flooded with information about illness, it never distracts them or captures their interest. They simply continue to go their own natural way.

Turning Healthy People into Sick Ones
Why have so many people lost faith in the natural health of their inner being? With the advance of material culture and civilisation, human beings lost track of their whole and complete, spiritual selves. As more and more people came to doubt in their own perfect health, more and more doctors were needed, more and more medical facilities sprang up everywhere, more and more medicines and pharmaceutical products were called for.
Who is responsible for this? Those responsible are the ones who have lost confidence in their health.
If this cycle continues, we can expect more and more new types of medical treatment to be devised in the future. And as more and more doctors and more and more medicines are produced, they will turn more and more healthy people into sick ones.
When presented with a continuing deluge of information on illness, even a robust person can begin to feel insecure. New information on illness is continually being provided to perfectly healthy people; and since those people look upon new information as the highest form of wisdom, their hearts are open territory for anxiety.
Fuelled by people’s belief in them, illness and products aimed at treating illness have taken on an authority of their own. They now march boldly through the world of healthy people. Illness, once confined to the other side of “the wall,” has crashed through that wall. Its influence has spread to people who used to have confidence in their health. The wall has crumbled, and healthy people find themselves entangled in illness. While living in this present day world of material culture, virtually everyone experiences some degree of apprehension over illness, whether great or small.
At the root of their existence, all human beings naturally live in perfect health. But today’s people have lost all memory of this.

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