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Selection - Think Something Wonderful

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Peaceful, refreshed breathing combined with positive thinking can be a very effective way to create new habits and make each moment come alive.
Many of us are not fully conscious of what is in the air we breathe. Contemporary science has identified certain physical elements, such as nitrogen and oxygen, but air contains more than that. Our air is overflowing with the essential life-energy of the universe. When we inhale deeply, enormous amounts of this universal energy flow through our bodies, purifying all our cells and affirming our sense of oneness with the universe. This fundamental energy purifies disharmony not only in our own bodies, but throughout the whole universe. It affects all people and all living things.
If we want to make the best possible use of this wondrous, universal energy, it is important to breathe peacefully and think uplifting thoughts. This book introduces a simple method for doing this.
Would you like to try it? Before you start, relax your mind and release all the pent up air in your lungs by slowly exhaling. As you exhale, be conscious of the tension leaving all your muscles, especially around your shoulders.
Next, inhale deeply and peacefully. As you inhale, reflect upon thoughts of gratitude for the precious air that brings life-giving energy to our blood and all the cells of our body.
Now, exhale again. As you exhale, think that all your worries are vanishing, and that you are melting into oneness with all living things. There is no strict rule for the way we inhale and exhale. Most people find it comfortable to inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose or mouth.
Continue to inhale and exhale with a relaxed feeling. With each breath, imagine that the whole universe is breathing with you. Animals, plants, rivers, stones, the oceans, the earth, and the stars: everything is alive and breathing. Everything is in oneness and harmony. Everything moves in tune with the great universal laws. As you continue inhaling and exhaling, let your mind expand to embrace everything in nature.
Next, try thinking these words along with your breathing. As you inhale, think: I am one with the universe. As you exhale, think: I am one with all living things. Continue to do this as many times as you wish.
You can do this practice anytime—while you are walking, working, resting, taking a bath, or whenever you have a chance. Once you have gotten used to it, you are ready to try the entire method—creating positive words in tune with your breathing.

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