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Selection - Living in the 21st Century: An Era of Consciousness Transformation

Words Are a Sacred Energy
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We human beings must always endeavor to speak true words, filled with consideration and good humor. If we are always consciously striving to do this, divine wisdom will pour forth from our inner self.

Sacred words are sources of infinite supply. Sacred words are filled with infinite love, light, forgiveness, and energy. They are projections of the infinite creative power of the universal divine mind. If we always continue speaking sacred words, the realities that surround us will reflect those words perfectly. All human beings, no matter who they are, can attain true peace, happiness, and harmony when they encounter this truth, understand it, and put it into practice.

Humanity can never be considered separate from the universal divine mind, the source of our infinite creativity. The instant we try to separate ourselves from the universal divine mind, we fall into the illusion of dualism—the idea that everything is made up of two conflicting forces. This mistaken idea engenders confrontational situations such as war, strife, and disorder. The moment we regard ourselves as existing separately from the universal divine mind, discord and misfortune begin to germinate.

However, knowing about our divine truth with the intellect alone is useless. We need to be aware, at all times, of the infinite divine qualities within us, and endeavor to manifest them. Once we are able to sense the limitless divine resources within us, our uneasiness and fear will vanish, and instead, we will be overflowing with courage and self-confidence. The divine light within us illuminates our path, shows us the road we must walk on, and leads to a brilliant future. Indeed, our mind is the creator itself!

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