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Selection - The Golden Key to Happiness

Chapter 2: Your Thoughts Create Your Life
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The mind is energy, so it’s possible to create everything using the mind as the motor. How does the mind enable you to create everything? By thinking.

When we see ourselves reflected in a mirror that illuminates the past, we find that the majority of us project dark, sinister thoughts rather than good, bright thoughts. The same will be true if you just think back on your day. Many of you will certainly notice that between the time you awoke and the time you retired at night, you complained, and you criticized and badmouthed others more often than you praised them with cheerful words. Let’s change that from today on.

Nothing is so scary as blind belief. Those who blindly believe that they are the most unhappy people in the world; those who believe that they are defeated no matter what they may do; those who believe that they are other people’s laughingstocks; those who believe that they are no good, however hard they exert themselves or persevere—as long as they unwaveringly believe that they are unfortunate, they cannot exit from their misfortune. Unless they sever themselves from these kinds of blind belief, they can only be unhappy, for the universal law is that the world moves in accordance with one’s thoughts. Nothing but your own blind belief in despair can create despair in this unlimited, wide world of the self.

If you wish to liberate the spiritual energy that resides in the heart and body, so that you can live in a free and joyous way at all times, you must reject thoughts that tie down your heart—such as dark depression, anger, fear, and anxiety. To let spiritual energy grow in your heart and let it manifest its power fully, you constantly need thoughts of gratitude, admiration, and cheerfulness.

Nothing in this world obstructs you. Your own thought that something obstructs you is the only thing that obstructs you.

Our consciousness, by its very nature, can control our physical functions, emotions, and thoughts, perfectly.

Your life takes shape this way: First, desire exists; it is gradually warmed in your heart; it grows and is born. It is not created by others’ thoughts, by others’ expectations, by others’ way of life, or by others’ power. Your true desire will always be fulfilled. Your essential wishes that spring from the bottom of your heart are the secret to accomplishing everything.

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