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Selection - You Are the Universe

from Appendix VI: Questions and Answers about Mandalas
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The universe is constantly evolving and developing, and the universal source is constantly radiating its infinite energy everywhere. Infinite power, infinite wisdom, infinite richness, infinite brilliance, infinite capability, infinite expansiveness and infinite creativity are constantly beaming down on us from our universal source.
Yet, this universal energy cannot manifest itself on the physical plane just as it is. It must first combine with physical energy. Otherwise the universal energy, in and of itself, cannot create anything new. It only keeps radiating, never manifesting itself, never taking shape.
That is why the universal energy wants to make contact with physical vessels, or instruments, that can merge with it and give expression to it in this world of creation.
There are various kinds of ‘vessels’ or ‘instruments’ that can merge with the sublime, ultimate light and energy of the universal source. The first of these is the physical body.  Another vessel is the physical voice. Still others could be land, or water, or anything else that has life.
‘Life’ actually means ‘God.’ Life is God, and God is life.  Everything that has life is a divine manifestation. Land, water, air, and everything in nature are alive, and give expression to the divine. That is why we honor, respect, and feel gratitude toward everything in the world of nature.
At present, there are about six billion people in this world, and all of them are capable of connecting with the infinite energy radiating from the universal source. At this time, however, most people do not know how to make this connection. That’s why the universal energy is always searching for a connecting point which it can pass through and then spread out in the physical plane.
When I say ‘connecting point,’ I mean something that can function like a lens. Through this kind of ‘lens’ or ‘instrument,’ the universal energy can converge and then spread out widely, manifesting its principles of peace and harmony in this physical plane.
The divine, universal energy will work through any kind of instrument, any kind of vessel that is available to it. It can work through INs, or mandalas, or the voice, or the body, or prayer, or light—the possibilities are endless. Any kind of instrument can make contact with the source of the universal law. And the method for connecting with it depends on what kind of substance it is.
When I say ‘substance,’ I mean ‘resonance.’ Every vessel has its own unique resonance. Prayer has a resonance. Land has a resonance. Our physical elements also have a resonance.  The universal energy can work though any substance or resonance that is capable of receiving it.
When you have a high awareness of this principle, you can create your own substance, your own instrument for connecting with the universal law. This will make it much easier for you to bring down the universal energy and let it become active in this physical plane.

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