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Selection - One Life

"One Life"
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The earth is beginning to collapse at a fierce speed.
Green is disappearing drastically
And the soil is losing its capacity to hold water.
Heavy rainfalls quickly cause massive floods and landslides
Leaving behind desolate land and spreading deserts.

This is solely attributed to the mind of humanity
That places priority
On economy, convenience, and affluence,
That causes falsehoods
In our materialistic thinking and actions,
That has forgotten about
The importance of the heart and spirit.

Here, we must pause and stop calculating gains and losses
And give thought to the one life which we share with nature.
If we continue to pursue economic and materialistic gains,
Our future is clear.
The earth, seas, water, air, soil and forests are dying
From excessive contamination.
They are crying for help.
They are demonstrating the dreadful conditions
They have been driven into.

The earth is alive.
All existence is alive.
They have hearts, thoughts, and feelings.
All life forms are firmly bound together in one chain of life.
Destroying part of the chain affects the whole,
Which might result in the collapse of the whole.

Therefore, just as we human beings cherish our life,
Let us cherish
Each and every one of our fellow beings in nature.
Let us give thought
To all the favors from the existence and phenomena of nature,
Those elements that sustain our life,
And thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
Let us give them words of love and admiration...

Thank you dear earth
Thank you dear mountains
Thank you dear seas and oceans
Thank you dear water
Thank you dear air
Thank you dear grass, trees, and flowers
Thank you dear animals
Thank you dear rain, wind, and snow.

This act that we casually carry out
Merges us with all things
That exist between heaven and earth
And reunites us into one life.
It serves as the motivating power
That guides our planet
Toward great peace and great harmony.
This way of thinking provides
The fundamental bright energy of the earth's future.

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