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Essays on the Bible, Volume 1
Masahisa Goi
US $11.99 Paperback, $6.99 E-book
Paperback, 222 pages
ISBN: 978-1-09-337308-0 (print)
ISBN: 978-0-463-04612-8 (e-book)
In Essays on the Bible, 20th century Japanese philosopher and spiritual leader Masahisa Goi discusses the universal truths within well-known and well-loved passages from the New Testament. Drawing on a profound source of spiritual intuition, he elucidates the ancient teachings of Jesus for people in the modern era, grounding them in history and offering comparisons with Buddhism as well as his own teachings and method of prayer. Whether or not readers have a background in Christianity or any prior knowledge of the Bible, these essays serve to broaden our understanding of what Jesus taught and how he and his disciples lived. With every word he spoke, Jesus is shown to be a true saint and messenger of God, born on earth to guide humanity to eternal peace and harmony.

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In the Beginning Was the Word

John the Baptist I

John the Baptist II

Jesus and Satan

The First Disciples I

The First Disciples II: Andrew

The First Disciples III: John the Mystic

The First Disciples IV: Peter

The First Disciples V: Matthew

The Sermon on the Mount I: The Beatitudes

The Sermon on the Mount II: The Salt of the Earth

The Sermon on the Mount III: Fulfillment of the Law

The Sermon on the Mount IV: Love Your Enemies

The Sermon on the Mount V: Adultery and Marriage

The Sermon on the Mount VI: Thou Shalt Not Forswear Thyself

The Sermon on the Mount VII: Let Not Thy Left Hand Know What Thy Right Hand Doeth

The Sermon on the Mount VIII: The Lord’s Prayer

The Sermon on the Mount IX: Treasures in Heaven

The Sermon on the Mount X: Take No Thought for What Ye Shall Eat

The Sermon on the Mount XI: Judge Not

The Sermon on the Mount XII: Ask, and It Shall Be Given

The Sermon on the Mount XIII: Ye Shall Know Them by Their Fruits

The Sermon on the Mount XIV: House Upon the Sand Except a Man Be Born Again

The Pharisees and the Miracles of Jesus

Jesus Sends Forth His Disciples, Part I

Jesus Sends Forth His Disciples, Part II

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from 'The Sermon on the Mount I: The Beatitudes'

About the author

Masahisa Goi
Born in Tokyo, Japan on November 22, 1916, Masahisa Goi was a poet, philosopher, writer and singer. Though he aimed at a career in music, he found himself spontaneously drawn to the realms of philosophy and spiritual guidance. At the age of thirty he attained oneness with his divine Self. Before departing from this world in 1980, he named Mrs. Masami Saionji, his adopted daughter, as his successor and leader of the world peace prayer movement that he initiated.
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from the Introduction

It is my intention to deliver an interpretation of the New Testament that clearly distinguishes genuine words of Jesus from those added later by his disciples. I cannot help but find it unendurable when some Christians take an exclusivist and self-righteous attitude, for it squeezes the vast, unconditional love of God into the narrow framework of conventional Christianity, and peers out at the universe from this very restricted viewpoint. In addition, I do not agree with the idea of connecting all events in the Gospels to the prophecies of the Old Testament, presenting each occurrence as the fulfillment or manifestation of this or that prophecy. I would like to see fewer people who cling to ideas of prophecy and more who use the Gospels as a guide for attuning themselves to the laws of the universe and developing firm courage and a bright, amiable disposition while naturally going about their daily lives.

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