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Selection - The Principle Behind the World Peace Prayer Movement

How did we Lose the Spirit of Love?
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Although a person may once in a while feel the spirit of love, or have kindhearted thoughts, those good thoughts can be swept away if the whirlpools of dark thought vibrations (struggle and grudges) surrounding the person are too violent. Then, that individual (or that group) will once again begin to emit dark thoughts.
This is similar to the situation of a boy who has joined a violent gang or terrorist organization. Even if he realizes that what they are doing is wrong, and tries to leave the group, he finds himself unable to leave when faced with threats from the other members. Once a vicious circle is set in motion, it is not so easy to put a stop to it or extract oneself from it.
Consider, for example, the military situation of each country. The idea has been set in motion that peace can be maintained only through a balance of military power. In order to attain military superiority, each side thinks it has to keep expanding its military power, and make military spending its number one priority. This kind of vicious circle produces people who constantly fear the outbreak of war, and cannot live even one day in peace.
This is the most miserable situation for the world to be in. It is a situation where people are manipulated by dark, distrustful thoughts. If all of the world leaders are in this mental state, world peace will be totally out of reach.
Where can we find the spirit of humanitarian love within the notion of suppressing others with increased military force? When they hold on to this kind of idea, which discriminates between the "self" and "others," people can never put the original human spirit of love into practice. I say this because "the original human spirit of love" essentially means that all human beings are originally one within the all-encompassing life of the universe.
The reason for this lack of humanitarian love is that the thought vibrations of humanity are filled with strife, grudges, and hatred. Although human beings are originally lives that branch out from one divine source, and are free from any thought of evil or unhappiness, almost everyone on Earth has forgotten this. When they forgot it, they distanced themselves from the bright light vibration of their divine source. And because their consciousness had drifted to a place where bright light vibrations were sparse, they began to lose sight of the truth, and built a world mingling good with evil, like the world we see today.
As the bright light vibrations became sparse, people's thoughts gradually turned dark and gloomy. This led to distrustful feelings, strife, jealousy and hatred. And now, as a result, we have come to face the Earth's greatest crisis.

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