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The Golden Key to Happiness
Japanese/English Bilingual edition
Masami Saionji
US$ 11.99
Paperback, 241 pages
ISBN: 1-59457-517-7
At times, we all need guidance in our lives. This book awakens us to what is most important: the ultimate power inherent within us, the way our words and thoughts create our life, and how we each heal ourselves to perfect health. Reading even a few lines can fill your heart with hope and light.

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Other Editions
English (The Golden Key to Happiness)
French (Le bonheur s'offre à vous: Cultivez-le!)
German (Die Kraft des friedvollen Herzens)
Italian (La chiave della felicità)
Portuguese (A Chave Dourada para a Felicidade)
Spanish (La llave de oro de la felicidad)
Other bilingual editions: Portuguese/English -- Spanish/English


Part I: You Can Utilize Your Unlimited Energy to the Fullest
1. Realize Your Unlimited Power
2. Your Thoughts Create Your Life
3. Your Words are Alive

Part II: You Can Improve All Relationships in Your Life
4. Between Men and Women
5. Between Parents and Children
6. Between You and Others

Part III: You Can Overcome Life’s Difficulties
7. Healing Yourself to Perfect Health
8. Overcoming Stress, Fears, and Pains
9. Attaining Wisdom in Life, Age, and Death

Part IV: You Can Live Your Life in Love, Happiness, Forgiveness, and Harmony
10. Love Others First If You Want to be Loved
11. Create Your Own Happiness
12. Forgive Yourself and Others to Free Yourself
13. Follow Nature’s Course to Wholeness and Harmony

Part V: You Can Uncover Your True Self and Accomplish Your Divine Missions
14. Work and Opportunity
15. Knowledge, Intellect, and Intuition
16. Live Freely for Yourself, Know Yourself, Be True to Yourself
17. Shed the Past, Live Now, Hope for the Future
18. Divine Self and Divine Missions

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Chapter 2: Your Thoughts Create Your Life

About the author

Masami Saionji
Descended from the Royal Ryuku Family of Okinawa, Masami Saionji was born in Tokyo, Japan. While in her teens she came in touch with the peace vision of philosopher Masahisa Goi, who later designated her as his successor and adopted daughter. She heads several peace organizations, and travels extensively on speaking and seminar tours.
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by Kisshomaru Ueshiba
Although we try to turn our attention to the essence of life—the spiritual nature of human beings—nowadays we tend to be swayed by the objects and phenomena right before our eyes. The ring of truth that comes from The Golden Key to Happiness will touch hearts and this will become a book of light and joy for many people.

This is a must book for everyone who is training in Aikido. The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, and the founder of the World Peace Prayer Society, Masahisa Goi, shared the same high ideals. Mrs. Saionji, whose heart and spirit are one with Mr. Goi, expresses the spirit of Aikido perfectly.

As people read this book of light, I pray that the spirit of peace may prevail throughout the world.

Kisshomaru Ueshiba
Aikido 2nd-Doshu

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