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Life and Choices
Masami Saionji
US $13.99 Paperback; $7.99 E-book
Paperback, 172 pages
ISBN: 979-8-3208-9659-5

Our life is comprised of a series of choices and decisions made day by day and moment by moment, and every choice we face presents a new fork in our path. In this collection of talks delivered in 2004, Masami Saionji untangles the web of influences on our choices — from religion, to social norms and conventions, to our own doubts and emotional fixations — and declares unequivocally that we are the masters of our own thoughts and the creators of our life. When we cease relying on others and on external powers, and take a close look at the basis of our choices, we will find that, one choice at a time, we are able to guide ourselves on our own unique path.

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Life and Choices

Seeking the Essence of Religion

Making Our Own Miracles

Transcending the Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Thought

The Basis of Our Choices

Happiness and Unhappiness

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We Create Our Own Life (from chapter 2)

About the author

Masami Saionji
Descended from the Royal Ryuku Family of Okinawa, Masami Saionji was born in Tokyo, Japan. While in her teens she came in touch with the peace vision of philosopher Masahisa Goi, who later designated her as his successor and adopted daughter. She heads several peace organizations, and travels extensively on speaking and seminar tours.
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from Chapter 1

From day to day and moment to moment, all kinds of thoughts and emotions come popping up in our minds. We can be in a perfectly good mood, only to suddenly become spiteful when we see a certain person. Our husband comes home and we suddenly become angry, or our child comes home and we suddenly want to scold him or her.
When we allow our emotions to be dictated by the shifting conditions around us, our thoughts can transform in an instant, so that it is not easy to maintain a settled, peaceful, happy state of mind. When we obtain money or new things, it quickly puts us in a happy mood, and when we see someone we don’t like, we suddenly become irritable and discontented. Every person, thing, and circumstance that passes before us has some influence on us, and keeps us constantly in flux.
But it does not have to be this way. Originally, we human beings have the ability to maintain a settled state of mind, no matter what situation we are facing, no matter whom we might encounter. This is our essential divine nature as human beings.

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