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The Earth Healer's Handbook
Masami Saionji with Mary McQuaid
US$ 7.50
Paperback, 103 pages
ISBN: 4-901719-03-3
Amidst the rapid pace of modern society, we often find that our lives have fallen out of sync with the essential rhythm of nature. This book offers us practical steps for restoring our sense of oneness with nature while imbuing the earth with healing waves of love and gratitude. Offers conveniently-sized forms for creating Mandalas of Gratitude to Nature, and features example Affirmations of Gratitude to Nature.

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Part I: The Relationship between Human Beings and Nature
1. The Waves of the Ocean
2. What Can Each of Us Do?
3. The Bears and the Whale

Part II: A Return to Oneness
4. The Stern Love of the Mountains
5. Living in Oneness with the Mountains
6. Developing the Spirit of Oneness

Part III: Affirmations of Gratitude to Nature

Part IV: Mandala Workbook

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Chapter 3: The Bears and the Whale

About the author

Masami Saionji
Descended from the Royal Ryuku Family of Okinawa, Masami Saionji was born in Tokyo, Japan. While in her teens she came in touch with the peace vision of philosopher Masahisa Goi, who later designated her as his successor and adopted daughter. She heads several peace organizations, and travels extensively on speaking and seminar tours.
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from the Introduction
by Mary McQuaid
Nowadays, many people are searching for ways to create a brighter tomorrow for themselves and the planet. If you are one of those people, perhaps you will feel that this book was written for you.

The Earth Healer's Handbook got started in a very natural way, when I had the opportunity of asking Masami Saionji some questions from her readers. I hope you will gain something from reading these interviews, and share this book with many people. Most of all, I hope that it will make a real difference in your individual life, while at the same time contributing to the health and well-being of our beloved planet.

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