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Essentials of Divine Breathing
Masami Saionji
US $11.99 Paperback; $7.99 E-book
Paperback, 201 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5453-6115-3
Essentials of Divine Breathing brings together recent writings of Masami Saionji and practical explanations and exercises for using the divine breathing method in everyday life. This simple yet profound technique guides us to activate our inner life power and reconnect with our inner wisdom, so that we can make the most of our one and only precious life.

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Spanish (Principios Esenciales de la Respiración Divina)



Chapter 1: How to Use Our Creative Energy

Chapter 2: The Immense Power of the Divine Breathing Method

Chapter 3: Questions and Answers about the Divine Breathing Method

Chapter 4: Exercises in using Bright Words with Divine Breathing

Chapter 5: Creative Fields in Daily Life

Appendix I: The Blue Earth is Alive
Poem of Gratitude to Nature Delivered at the World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Honolulu, 2016

Appendix II: Inspiring the World to Care
Message to the Summit of Conscience for the Climate, Paris, 2015

Appendix III: Introducing the Fuji Declaration
An open letter from Masami Saionji

Appendix IV: The Fuji Declaration

Appendix V: Further Exercises—Nationalities and Cultural Identities

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The Prayerful Nature of Breathing (from chapter 2)

About the author

Masami Saionji
Descended from the Royal Ryuku Family of Okinawa, Masami Saionji was born in Tokyo, Japan. While in her teens she came in touch with the peace vision of philosopher Masahisa Goi, who later designated her as his successor and adopted daughter. She heads several peace organizations, and travels extensively on speaking and seminar tours.
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from the Preface
by Masami Saionji

Now, the moment has arrived when each and every one of us must develop our own, inner abilities without depending on others. From the moment we decide to do this, our inner life power will act upon cells that have long been dormant, enabling them to work towards this goal.

To assist each person in guiding their own inner evolution and self-creation, I would like to share with you a method that emerged from the study of cosmic science—a spiritual study introduced by my mentor and adoptive father, Masahisa Goi. This method is called ‘divine breathing,’ and it enables us to better absorb the immense power of the invisible ‘cosmic essences’ that fill the air around us.

It is my sincere hope that in reading this book, even one more person may be inspired to believe in themselves and make the most of their one and only, precious divine life.

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